Safe India Orphanage

         Devadoss Pathra started the first orphanage with orphans in a slum called Villivakkam, Chennai. He was took these orphans Many people thought that he was crazy and they were disappointed. They didn’t think that he would be able to take care of the children and his family. This humble orphan’s work began to grow. From that small and humble beginning until today, his heart beat is to develop children for noble cause service.
From Orphans to Leaders
Safe India mission accepts orphans, semi-orphans, and abandoned children into the Safe India orphanage. There, they have all of their needs met, as well as, receive a quality education. Once, these children were known as orphans, begging children, or children without a future, but today they are treated like royalty - like the King’s children.
In the last 14 years, many of them have finished their education and grown up. Some of them became well wishers for others and orphans; some of them get married and working in good sectors; some have finished their university education and now working as a professionals positions in different places. Our goal is to help each child discover his future and God’s purpose for his life. All the children in the orphanages have ambitious desires for their lives.

Children Hostel

Why Safe India started this Hostel???
The father and Mother in the Tribal & gypsy community take their children with them when they go out for work.
Some who go out for daily work left their children with in the tribal & gypsy area.
Tribal and gypsy community people migrating one place to another place, they do not know any one particular local language, it is one of the main drawback for their children education. Now, Safe India improving Telugu language (Regional language of Andhra Pradesh) to them through giving proper training.
Aimlessly for most of the day. (Lack of caring)
Almost every children of the father addict for alcoholism, it will leads to poverty
In some of the families men will die in the early age than the women. So they engage in the polygamy.
Now, we are running this hostel with boys and girls from various tribal and gypsy community. We are providing food, education, hygienic and teaching moral values to those children. Safe India encouraging them for education. Last year we took survey among tribal and gypsy community and creating awareness about Education to gypsy and tribal community.

Safe India Residential School

Safe India Residential School is a combination of boys and girls boarding School, running at free of cost. It is situated at Vengopalpuram, S.R.Puram mandal, Chittoor dist. Tirupati to Chittoor road in Andhra Pradesh.
Safe India’s ultimate goal is to educate the children. This is the activity to provide education for the rural, hilly, tribal, gypsy, dropouts and street, non formal children and children never attend the school. Safe India conducted survey and find out number of dropouts to every child in its area of operations. The circumstances forced safe India to take care of these children to give education by having residential school, offering food, uniform, educational material along with medical care and hygienic supplies at free of cost.
It was founded in the year 2013 by Devadoss Pathra, and it was started as a primary school. In addition to academics, the School offers sports and other activities including cricket, chess, carom, running, drawing, dance, lemon spoon. The School is headed by Principal V. Zachariah.

Safe India Child Development Centers !!!

India is the 2nd biggest population country in the world. In India the high population is between 5 years to 18 years. Through the age group children where suffering a lot nor their sin but they are forced to the suffered? Safe India feels to take care of some immediate by sponsorship program offering food, clothes and education at free of cost.
Safe India staff is helping to study well and the continuous process of motivation to get good result. Identify their improvement in the studies
To enable totally abandoned rural children in poverty and degradation to get enlisted in individual sponsorship.
� To motivate and orientate the parents on the importance of educating their children.
� To motivate all the stakeholders to get involved in child education and rehabilitation.
� To motivate the parents to avail local resource for undertaking self-employment.
� To create education awareness among parents

Institute of Community Transformation

In the year January 2005, by the response exists to proclaim word of evil eradication, we started our first community transformation program with 13 authenticated social evil eradicators, they were came from social evil believed their morale life in society.
They had burning hearts to learn social evils. They never looked for a building or for classrooms but they were willing to sit on the ground to learn social evil. At the time the course was just 10 months long. At the completion of the course we sent them back to their own people to transform people within their own communities. Now Safe India is focusing for tribal and gypsy people community transformation.
Since this humble beginning we have trained 187 social evil eradicators on proclaim word of evil eradication. The theme of this project is training, equipping, sending and planting. Our vision is to have social eradicators to reach their people group.

Social Evil Eradication Meeting

Safe India team has been formed to do response exists to proclaim and teach word of social evil eradication and Meeting in rural villages, slums and hilly areas. Especially we are focusing and conducting meeting among Unreached Aim and study particular people group such as slum, rural, tribal and gypsy community.
Alcoholism practice is one of the major reasons for underdevelopment of tribal and gypsy community. The tribal and gypsy community man earning equal to non tribal community man even though they were not developed because every day a tribal community man spending 80% of his income for drinking alcohol, it will leads for violence, poverty, illiteracy and various health problems
The team is being proclaimed in villages and cities through Social Eradiation Meetings. People come by thousands to take part in such meetings without any discrimination of caste, creed, race or religion as members of one family to listen, at the end of each meeting a large section of people repent and weep for their sins and change their beliefs.

Village Community Hall

Devadoss Pathra came to former family with a passion and hunger for addressing social issue of the society to help, care destituted community and lead them to bright future. He walked hundreds of miles from village to village creating awareness on social issues. After 9 months he started his first community hall at the streets of Mangalapuramwith 5 people.
Devadoss Pathra and his family faced terrible persecutions and challenges in the beginning of the holistic, community transfer and charity services. Since this humble beginning 37 community halls have been built. Currently Safe India is working India.
Safe India have designed the following village developments Project which includes four things:
(1) Build Community hall
(2) Two-Room Quarters for social animators family
(3) Bathroom with toilet
(4) Bore Well

Women and Family Welfare

Women are the vital part of our society, just like how they were integral part of the early society. Safe India includes training, non formal education, Self Help Groups, benevolence, self employment training to poor women, young illiterate girls and widows. We encourage financial growth, personal development and leadership, which in turn help in the healthy development of the individual, the home and the society.
Safe India is giving EDP training for unemployed women, after successful completion of the training we are guiding them to governments and banks, we are inviting trainers from KVIC’s Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India and Janothayam one of the leading Non-Government organisation in Chennai.

Youth Camp

The vision of Safe India is to reach the unreached youth, to train and equip them as potential leaders who in turn reach other young people like them. The heart of Safe India lays on the strong foundation of young people of India in future.
Young people carry a baggage heavy with insecurity, failure, hurt, bitterness and loneliness and with lack of family or peer support. Many of them have to live with guilt, fear and shame. Realizing this, it is our desire as youth to help make a difference in their lives by making them experience the love and forgiveness in to do good thing and training.
India is a large nation. Shockingly many of them are lost and bound by the powers of darkness. We want them all to know that together we will break the bondages over their lives that they may live in peace and be ambassadors for India.

Free Health Camp

This project was running sucessfully . This medical team constantly helps the leper colonies and poor villages by providing free medical help. At the same time, they perform site visits to orphanages.
Safe India extended its medical services to the people belonging to scheduled cast, scheduled tribes and most backward class and for the people who live below poverty line and mostly include illiterates, daily wagers, co-herds and agricultural labors.
Safe India’s medical camps are based on:
• Maternal health
• Child health
• Family planning
• Social health activities
• Currently Safe India is carrying this
• Medical awareness with a Doctor, two Midwives.
Safe India also extended its services among poor and needy by providing free medical camps for the BPL at area level for tribal and gypsy groups who can’t understand hygienic, child care and family planning. Our medical team is dedicated to bring people to the awareness.

Social Welfare Activities

Safe India distributing food and other essential things to people who are suffering from calamity and same time our team teaching and creating awareness to them. Our team especially working and creating awareness for tribal & gypsy and rural community people development such as cultural habitation, hygienic livelihood and education to their children future. For that our team is giving counseling with help of professionals; especially among women i.e. child marriage problems, gap between the children, child nutrition. Safe India is creating sanitation awareness and free plantation among rural and tribal community people, in rural India most of the household do not have toilet facility and proper drinking water, so that maximum no of rural people using open defecation system. It will lead to a lot of health problems.

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