How It All Began

         Safe India is a non-profit organisation, it was founded by Mr. Devadoss Pathra. He was argen migrate Family and born in a farmer family on 5th April 1956 in interior village. He has one younger brother and two younger sisters. In the age of 24 he came to Chennai, worked many places finally he was resigned Indian Railway job and started full time Service with help of his family and friends for holistic children and women development. In the year 1974 October 24 married his lovely wife, Devamma Pathra. The God has blessed them with two children – Ramesh Pathra and Santha Kumar Pathra. Now both were got married and they were in the mission field in Series for the poor needy in field By supporting our charity you are making a conscious decision to improve the lives of children. Our vision is simple; we are feeding children and they can reach their full potential. We exist to help widows in their misfortune and orphan, tribal, street, Poor, exploited and other marginalized children in India. We are a non-sectarian, non- political and not-for-profit organization that provides crucial support to children who really need it.

Our Partners

✪ Gospel for Tribals Social Service Society (GTSSS)
✪ Indian Bible Literacy (IBL)
✪ Seva Bharat
✪ Divine Truth Ministries
Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI)

MUT Smile, Bangalore
Christian Institute of Management (CIM)

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